Secondary Heritage Studies Overview

Narrative Presentation

Rather than merely teaching names and dates, the BJU Press secondary heritage studies program uses a narrative approach. This approach exposes the student to important and interesting details about historical people, places, and events. Students are challenged with higher-order thinking questions and are encouraged to develop deeper learning skills using timelines, maps, web research, and other activities. To supplement the program, the student activities include excerpts from original sources, map activities, and chapter reviews; and notes in the teacher edition suggest additional reading.

God’s Purpose

For students to understand the past, they must have a biblical perspective. In the secondary heritage studies program, events are presented from a Christian worldview to provide clarity and accuracy. This perspective allows the students to see God's ultimate purpose and His hand at work.

Structured Scope

History involves a vast amount of information that must be presented in a grade-appropriate manner to provide students with a clear understanding of the subject. Secondary heritage studies builds on the foundation laid on the elementary level and expands the student's understanding of US and world history as well as geography, economics, and government.

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