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Elementary Heritage Studies Overview

Narrative Presentation

Everyone enjoys a good story. Rather than simply teaching names and dates, the BJU Press Heritage Studies program uses a narrative approach, including fascinating details about historical people, places, and events. Students develop comprehension skills with higher-level discussion questions, timelines, maps, web research, and other activities. Supplementary materials, such as historical fiction, biographies, and other books about the world and its wonders, are recommended to enable teachers to enrich the program with additional reading.

God’s Purpose

For students to understand the conflicts and conquests of the past, they must have a biblical perspective. In the Heritage Studies program, events are presented with clarity and accuracy, allowing the students to see God’s overarching purpose and His hand at work.

Structured Scope

In order to expose students to a vast amount of historical information, BJU Press Heritage Studies uses an age-appropriate structure that builds on the previous grade for maximum comprehension and retention.

Support Material

Teacher’s Edition with CD

Lessons include guides for discussions, cross-curricular links, hands-on activities, and rubrics. The CD includes quizzes, games, colorful visuals, work sheets, materials to plan a history fair, and an Activity Manual Answer Key.

Teacher Tools Online: Technology Enhancements

Technological features include editable PowerPoints, access to the Teacher Tools Online community, video clips, an electronic copy of the Test Answer Keys, and much more! Read about Teacher Tools Online.

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