Check out a page from the Heritage Studies 3 Student Text

a page from the Heritage Studies 3 Student Text

The Materials for Heritage Studies 3

a diagram of the globe showing latitude lines, the equator, and the hemispheres

Heritage Studies 3 Student Edition

Introduces students to the eight world regions and explores each region’s governments, geography, climates, economics, cultures, and religions. Students will find engaging visuals and stories that introduce them to different cultures, generate interest in unfamiliar languages, and demonstrate how God uses Christians to spread the gospel around the world.

Heritage Studies 3 Teacher Edition

Offers daily 3rd grade social studies lesson plans for teaching 3rd grade geography and social studies skills. Educators will find notes and discussion guides for helping students to meet the learning objectives and biblical worldview shaping goals. Additional resources and activities are also available in the teacher’s edition.

Heritage Studies 3 Activities

Provides 3rd grade social studies worksheets that reinforce lesson objectives. Use the student activities to review, reinforce, and apply concepts taught during the lessons.

Heritage Studies 3 Activities Answer Key

Answers includes copies of all student activity pages with overprint answers for use when grading.

Heritage Studies 3 Assessments

Includes third grade social studies tests and quizzes to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts in the Heritage Studies 3 course. Assessments align with educational objectives from the Heritage Studies 3 student edition.

Heritage Studies 3 Assessments Answer Key

Includes copies of each student test and quiz with overprint answers in red.

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