Check out a page from the Heritage Studies 2 Student Text

a page from the Heritage Studies 2 Student Text

The Materials for Heritage Studies 2

Heritage Studies 2 Student Text

The student edition provides an age-appropriate study of geography, culture, government, citizenship, and economics, all presented from the perspective of a biblical worldview. Stories, engaging artwork and photographs, tools such as maps and graphs, and essential questions enhance the students’ learning. Students will develop literacy skills as they practice visual analysis and work with informational texts. The Resource Treasury in the back matter includes Land and Water Terms, an Atlas, and a Glossary.

Heritage Studies 2 Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides questions for the teacher to use in guiding the students in understanding the material and developing critical-thinking skills. Many of the ninety lessons are enhanced with teacher helps, background information, and enrichment activities. Teacher resources include the Explaining the Gospel page, a semester activity, instructional aids, and indexes.

Heritage Studies 2 Activities

The student activities book is a consumable companion to the student edition, providing a variety of pages to reinforce the students’ understanding and to give them opportunities to apply lesson objectives. Each unit has a study guide that provides a review of concepts and terms.

Heritage Studies 2 Activities Answer Key

The activities answer key provides overprint answers to all activities in the corresponding activities.

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Heritage Studies 2 Assessments

The assessments packet includes five summative assessments for evaluating the students’ mastery of unit objectives. Tests include various styles of questioning and application of social studies skills. The assessments may be adapted to meet students’ individual needs. Each unit test is best administered after the completion of the study guide pages.

Heritage Studies 2 Assessments Answer Key

The assessments answer key includes overprint answers for the five summative assessments.

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