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a page from the American Republic Student Text

The Materials for American Republic

American Republic Student Edition

Takes 8th graders on a journey through time to give a complete overview of the founding, development, and growth of the United States as a nation. Students will explore significant social studies skills to prepare them to be student historians capable of engaging with American history thoughtfully so they can use the events of our past to make wise decisions for the future.

American Republic Teacher Edition

Provides two volumes of resources and suggestions for guiding students through the middle school American history course. Additional resources, activities, and discussion notes provided in the teacher’s edition help develop the students’ critical thinking skills so they can see and interpret history according to a biblical worldview.

Francisco Coronado surveying the Grand Canyon

American Republic Activities

Provides additional activities for the American Republic course. Use the student activities workbook to review, reinforce, and apply concepts taught in the course.

American Republic Student Activities Answer Key

Includes copies of all student activities with overprint answers to questions and suggested answers for projects in red for use when grading.

American Republic Assessments

Assesses students on their knowledge and understanding of key concepts in the American Republic course.

American Republic Assessments Answer Key

Includes copies of each student test with overprint answers in red, as well as page numbers for easy location of answers in the student edition.

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