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American Government Student Edition

The student edition presents US government from a biblical perspective and will encourage students to appreciate our heritage. The text aims to develop students’ critical-thinking skills and demonstrates how knowledge of history and government are crucial for making decisions about issues on the local, state, and national levels. During this course, students will study the foundations of our country, the Constitution, the three branches of government, and political parties and politics.

American Government Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides guidance for instruction as well as additional suggested projects and discussion topics to challenge the students. Suggested questions help students develop critical-thinking skills and develop discernment regarding complicated issues about government. Page numbers for the section review and chapter review answers are provided for ease of grading.

President Obama presenting the Medal of Honor to Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter

American Government Student Activities

The student activities manual provides students with helpful assignments and primary source readings. Chapter reviews are available to prepare students for assessments.

American Government Student Activities Answer Key

This answer key for the corresponding student activities manual provides overprint answers for ease of grading.

American Government Assessments

This assessments packet provides 18 chapter tests to assess student knowledge and understanding of key concepts. The tests provide many opportunities for students to analyze and synthesize information in essay questions. All assessments are aligned with clearly stated educational objectives.

American Government Assessments Answer Key

This answer key provides overprint answers for the corresponding assessments. The answer key also includes page numbers for answers in the student edition for reference and suggested answers for essay questions.

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