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The Materials for American Government

American Government Student Text

This textbook provides students with an overview of changes and developments in our government with an emphasis on the U.S. Constitution and current events while integrating a Christian worldview.

American Government Teacher's Edition with CD

This books provides teachers with additional information to expand material found in the student text and suggested activities to enhance instruction. A CD with even more supplemental material is also included.

American Government Student Activities Manual

This manual contains a variety of activities for reinforcement, enrichment, and chapter review that help the student develop skills of analysis, evaluation, comprehension, application, and use of resources.

American Government Student Activities Manual Answer Key

This manual contains a copy of the student manual with answer overprints for easy grading.

American Government Tests

Includes printed tests that assess the students' level of understanding for each chapter of the student text.

American Government Tests Answer Key

This answer key provides easy grading by including answers and page references to the answers for each question. Possible answers to essay questions are also provided.

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