BJU Press Heritage Studies

Engage Student Interest

BJU Press makes history and other social studies topics meaningful and relevant by making them active. The Heritage Studies program includes a number of activities that spark interest and allow students to interact with the material they are learning.

Provide a Biblical Perspective on the Study of Heritage Studies Topics

BJU Press seeks to look at every subject through the lens of God's Word. Heritage Studies offers clear opportunity to see how God has had His hand on human events to establish His kingdom. Students have the opportunity to study the lives of historical figures and learn how they either failed or succeeded in following God's standards.

However, our biblical integration is not confined to the historical aspect of Heritage Studies. Students are also given opportunities to evaluate concepts, such as cultural values, economic issues, and governmental systems in the light of Scripture.

Prepare Students to Be Good Citizens

Students need to be aware of the past in order to appreciate and understand the present. They also need to be able to think critically about the issues they will face. The BJU Press Heritage Studies program is written from a conservative evangelical perspective that avoids extremes and seeks to present history in a balanced manner, challenging students to think for themselves. Our textbooks give them the skills and knowledge they need to make good decisions in their homes and communities.

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