The Materials for Writing & Grammar

Below is a sample of the standard BJU Press Middle & High Writing & Grammar materials provided for each grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student text, B - Teacher Edition, C - Teacher Toolkit CD, D - Tests A

Student Edition (eTextbooks available)
Consumable student worktexts provide important practice exercises and opportunities for active application to each student’s own writing. Our texts encourage students to write regularly and in diverse genres. The main chapters offer a written model and an associated lesson for students to use in studying the model. As students develop their skills, they gain confidence in their skills and prepare for future real-life writing opportunities.


Teacher Edition
Teacher editions provide instructors with the support they need to teach writing and grammar effectively. Lessons include margin notes for lesson content and planning use, pretests for assessing student knowledge, suggested lesson objectives, ESL strategies, cross-curricular links, biblical-worldview discussions, and many other tools. These tools help teachers develop their students’ knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and biblical worldview.


Assessments and Assessments Answer Keys
Assessments and assessments answer keys include summative assessments for grammar concepts. Each assessment aligns with stated objectives available in the teacher edition.

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