English Overview

The Gift of Language

Language is the primary way God reveals himself to us, and it is the method He has given to us for communication. Developing writing skills and learning the proper use of English grammar are vital to effective communication. In this program, grammar and writing instruction are alternated and balanced.

Relevant Application

BJU Press English 2-6 teaches one part of speech at a time with systematic reviews and ample practice opportunities. Students are guided through a five-step writing process as they create reports, stories, descriptions, poems, letters, and essays. Chapter themes, such as agriculture, sports, science, and travel, enhance learning by linking the grammar topics with real-life information.

Support Materials

Teacher's Edition with CD

The Comprehensive Teacher's Edition provides extra support by including:

  • Step-by-step instructions for teaching grammar and writing
  • Rubrics to help evaluate each type of writing
  • Overprint answers for student worktext
  • Extra practice and review pages
  • The Teacher's Toolkit CD contains additional review material for each grammar lesson.

Teacher Tools Online

Teacher Tools Online was created by BJU Press to give educators more of the digital resources they need when they need them.

What's Included:

  • Editable PowerPoint presentations
  • Course art for use on bulletin boards or with other classroom materials
  • Video clips
  • PDF files of the Teacher’s Editions
  • Quizzes, rubrics, and other materials from the Teacher’s Toolkit CD (where available)
  • Editable lesson-plan overviews
  • Electronic copies of the Test Answer Keys
  • Links to free resources
  • Easy online access
  • Designed specifically for use with BJU Press materials

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