The Materials for Writing & Grammar 9

Writing & Grammar 9 Worktext

Equips students to craft intentional and effective communication through systematic grammar instruction and application of grammar skills to speaking and writing. The worktext weaves together grammar instruction and writing practice throughout, giving students ample opportunities to connect the grammar skills they're learning to the texts they're crafting.

Writing & Grammar 9 Teacher Edition

Gives teachers the resources to equip students to apply grammar skills and writing strategies to craft effective written, oral, and visual communication within a biblical worldview in a variety of authentic contexts. The teacher edition will provide resources to guide students through inspiring mentor texts and writing practice and will systematically present grammar in connection with writing.

Writing & Grammar 9 Assessments

Includes resources for supporting and assessing students as they learn key writing and grammar concepts.

Writing & Grammar 9 Assessments Answer Key

Includes overprint answers in magenta for concept reinforcements, preassessments, chapter tests, and the final exam.

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