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The Materials for Writing & Grammar 8

Writing & Grammar 8 Worktext

Teaches students to write in a variety of genres by guiding them through the writing process and focusing on the six traits of writing. This textbook emphasizes learning grammar to develop strong writing skills, and it shows students how to develop a biblical view of communication by focusing on writing with empathy, logic, virtue, and discernment. Students will also learn speaking and listening skills and methods of communicating through visuals.

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Writing & Grammar 8 Teacher Edition

Gives educators the resources they need to craft effective lessons. 8th grade grammar lesson plans feature a variety of proven strategies within the framework of a teaching cycle. Instructional aids are available in the back of the book to assist the teacher in developing students’ grammar and writing skills.

Writing & Grammar 8 Assessments

Includes preprinted chapter tests for assessing students’ understanding of objective concepts.

Writing & Grammar 8 Assessments Answer Key

Includes copies of the chapter tests and exam with overprint answers for easy grading.

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