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The Materials for Writing & Grammar 7

Writing & Grammar 7 Student Worktext

The student worktext teaches students narrative, informative, and argumentative writing by leading them through the five steps of the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, proofreading, and publishing. This textbook will help students to analyze sentences grammatically and use skills to clearly communicate a written message. Each chapter includes at least one Writing Workshop with a Writer’s Tip that helps students directly apply grammatical principles to improve their craft. These workshops also give the students opportunities to reflect on how a biblical worldview of truth, beauty, virtue, and balance inform a believer’s writing. Engaging art and photos enhance the pedagogy.

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Writing & Grammar 7 Teacher Edition

The teacher edition follows a path through each lesson to engage, instruct, apply, and assess the concepts. Lessons offer a variety of teaching strategies and tips to support the teacher. Creative suggestions and game ideas supplement examples and exercises created to convey and practice concepts. Rubrics and instructional aids in the back matter offer assessments for writing sections. Suggested rubrics are also available for Writing Workshops, along with checklists for peer review and self-evaluation. Additional material offers help in guiding the students toward a biblical worldview of truth, beauty, virtue, and balance. Teacher Tools Online offers additional resources for pre-assessment, reinforcement, and differentiated instruction as well as instructional aids to engage learning.

Writing & Grammar 7 Assessments

The assessments packet includes fourteen chapter tests and a final exam to assess understanding of concepts from grammar chapters. A bank of test questions for customized tests is available through ExamView and Teacher Tools Online.

Writing & Grammar 7 Assessments Answer Key

The assessments answer key includes a copy of the student tests with overprint answers for easy grading. For quick reference each test question gives the page number on which the material is taught.

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