Check out a page from the English 4 Student Worktext

a page from the English 4 Student Worktext

The Materials for English 4

English 4 Student Worktext

Allows students to practice and apply English conventions and writing skills. Chapters alternate between teaching grammar, usage, and mechanics and teaching students to use the writing process. Students will find 4th grade writing assignments to allow for needed writing practice. They will also find engaging illustrations that help them understand concepts and mentor texts and student models to show them how to improve their writing. With regular opportunities for practice and application, students will hone their writing and speaking skills so they can become better communicators.

English 4 Teacher Edition

Offers grammar lessons for grade 4 that include options and strategies to teach students standard English conventions and writing skills. This teacher’s edition includes ideas for engaging students, strategies for enhancing instruction, and assessment opportunities to gauge instruction.

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English 4 Assessments

Provides assessment tools designed to assess students’ understanding of objective concepts.

English 4 Assessments Answer Key

Includes copies of the 8 student tests and assessments with overprint answers for easy grading.

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