Check out a page from the English 3 Student Worktext

a page from the English 3 Student Worktext

The Materials for English 3

English 3 Student Worktext

The student edition combines grammar and writing practice in one consumable book. Grammar chapters emphasize traditional grammar to support the writing chapters. Paragraph development is simplified with a color-coded paragraph structure showing a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a concluding sentence. In the writing chapters, the step-by-step writing process enables the students to write reports, essays, and other assignments with confidence. Additional writing opportunities are available in the grammar lessons. The grammar skills build from lesson to lesson, providing spiral review of previously learned concepts. The worktext provides opportunities for teacher-guided practice, independent practice, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews. A handbook in the back matter includes a thesaurus, grammar songs, capitalization rules, and abbreviations charts.

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English 3 Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides ideas to engage students, strategies to enhance instruction, and assessment opportunities to gauge learning. There are 180 lessons divided into 14 chapters. Seven chapters focus on standard English conventions. One chapter focuses on study and research skills. Six writing chapters use the five-step writing process to guide students in writing poetry and narrative, opinion, and informational text. Purposeful, scaffolded lesson content and well-developed questions strengthen critical thinking.

English 3 Assessments

The assessments packet includes a two-page chapter test for each of the seven grammar chapters and for the study and research chapter.

English 3 Assessments Answer Key

This assessments answer key provides copies of each test with overprint answers for teachers to assess their students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

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