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The Materials for Writing & Grammar 11

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Writing & Grammar 11 Student Text

Writing & Grammar 11 Student Text covers parts of speech, sentence structure, phrases, clauses, punctuation, and more while emphasizing their application to writing. Throughout the course, students will have opportunities to strengthen writing skills through specific writing projects such as analytical essays, research papers, memoirs, interviews, and more.

Writing & Grammar 11 Teacher's Edition with CD

Writing & Grammar 11 Teacher’s Edition provides a guide for suggested scheduling, teaching ideas and strategies for presenting English concepts, and rubrics for student compositions to simplify grading. The teacher’s edition also includes printed answers to student worktext exercises.

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Writing & Grammar 11 Tests

Writing & Grammar 11 Tests includes 12 chapter tests, a midterm exam, and a final exam to reinforce and evaluate students’ mastery of the material.

Writing & Grammar 11 Tests Answer Key

Writing & Grammar 11 Test Answer Key provides printed answers for each of the Writing & Grammar 11 tests.

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