Check out a page from the Phonics & English 1 Student Worktext

a page from the Phonics & English 1 Student Worktext

The Materials for Phonics & English 1

Phonics & English 1 Student Worktext

The Phonics and English 1 Worktext is a colorful student book that gives practice with phonics skills and reading word families as well as reinforcement of other skills taught in Phonics and English 1 Teacher's Edition.

Phonics 1 Student Practice Book

The Phonics 1 Practice Book follows the sequence of lessons taught in Phonics and English 1 and provides additional practice with two pages of colorful, fun activities per lesson. The book is designed to capture the student’s interest in learning and help solidify the material being taught in the phonics program.

Phonics & English 1 Teacher's Edition with CD

Phonics skills are the foundation for a lifetime of reading. Build your child’s reading confidence through the teaching of phonics and comprehension skills through the Phonics & English 1 materials from BJU Press. The Phonics & English 1 Teacher’s Edition provides lessons that combine listening, phonics skills, grammar, oral communication and writing activities. The program emphasizes phonics as the key to word recognition and teaches it in a logical format, through the use of word families. It develops comprehension skills through fun themed lessons. The Teacher’s Edition includes 86 lesson plans, songs, reproducibles, reduced student pages with answer overprints, tests, and more. The Teacher’s Toolkit CD that is included with the Teacher’s Edition contains 62 reproducible books, phonics characters, and other helpful materials.

English 1 Teacher's Visual Packet

This packet includes colorful charts, graphs, money, stick puppets, number lines, and other visuals for teacher demonstration.

Phonics 1 Teacher's Visual Packet

The Phonics 1 Visuals packet includes the phonics song charts filled with beautiful color photographs, updated phonics characters, and a complete set of Word Family Cards.

Phonics & English 1 Listening CD

Enhance your teaching of Phonics & English 1 with this wonderfully valuable tool. Includes fifty-four lively songs on various topics, including "Alphabet Song," "Teddy Bear," "The Lost Coin," and " We Gather Together." Other musical selections include two Spanish songs and six songs to help students identify various types of intruments. A reading of the story, "The Popcorn Shop" is given as well as seventeen poetry selections, including "Bear Hunt," "Music in My Pocket," and "Tide Treasures." Help make learning fun with this Phonics & English 1 Listening CD.

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