The Materials for Phonics & English 1

Phonics & English 1 Worktext

Features interactive review activities, songs and manipulatives, and oral and writing exercises. Colorful pages provide practice for the lesson content as well as opportunities for formative assessment.

Phonics & English 1 Activities

Offers practice and review activities for each daily lesson. Select activities may also be used for summative assessments.

Phonics & English 1 Teacher Edition

Enables teachers to build foundational phonics and English skills so that students can read and communicate in beneficial ways. This teacher edition offers systematic and explicit phonics instruction using memorable phonics characters and word families. Writing and grammar skills are introduced with an intuitive approach that begins with sentences and slowly progresses to short paragraphs. Methods for differentiated instruction will help teachers connect with students with different learning styles.

Phonics & English 1 Visuals

Contains Phonics Visuals, English Visuals, and Phonics Songs Visuals along with alphabet, character, puzzle, and sentence part cards.

Phonics & English 1 Word Family Cards

A colorful packet of flashcards that enables teachers to review words grouped together in word families.

Phonics & English 1 High-Frequency Word Cards

A colorful packet of flashcards that enables teachers to introduce and review new vocabulary words.

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