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Hit the Ground Writing

BJU Press believes that writing is a critical part of effectively communicating in all academic and professional pursuits. Themes used in English lessons, such as museums, sports, science, and travel, support this approach by linking topics with other subjects and real-life situations.

Age-appropriate lessons are presented in a sequential way that makes learning meaningful and enjoyable. The foundational skills of writing and grammar are built in the elementary grades and applied in secondary using higher-level writing assignments. Students are guided step-by-step through the writing process as they write reports, stories, descriptions, poems, letters, and essays.

Use English to Glorify God

Quality writing that exemplifies good grammar is a way to show our love for God by communicating truth in a loving way to our neighbors. Using correct grammar and accurate writing, students can share the Gospel in a letter or a story, write a Christian book review, or compose a poem that communicates God’s faithfulness.

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