Program Goals for Secondary Bible

Course Overview

Below is a summary of the content covered in the BJU Press secondary Bible program.

Book Course Description
The Story of the Old Testament (7)

A study of the story of Scripture from Genesis to the coming of Christ. Focuses on Bible study principles and devotional application.

Life of Christ (8) Coming 2019

A continuation of the story of Scripture from Christ’s birth to Revelation. Develops student understanding of sanctification.

Acts and the Epistles (9) In development

An examination of the beginnings of the early church, with a heavy emphasis on the big story of Scripture. Reinforces the model of sanctification for maintaining a holy walk.

Doctrines (10) In development

A systematic study of the teachings of biblical beliefs and values in the Scriptures. Teaches students to bring together doctrinal teachings of Scripture.

Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption (11)

A study of cultural engagement focusing on the way Christians interact with the world. Applies a biblical worldview to all of life and culture by being both salt and light.

Ethics and World Religions (12) In development

A critical analysis of unbiblical worldviews; a survey of the Bible’s teaching on ethics; encourages students to apply biblical principles to ethical questions they will likely face in the years ahead.

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