The Materials for Secondary Bible

Below are the standard materials provided for each secondary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student Worktext, B - Teacher Edition, C - Tests, D - Activities A

Student Worktext (eTextbooks available)
Our student textbooks guide students through several levels of Bible study, beginning with observation and hermeneutical principles and ending with application. Though the fi rst few textbooks primarily focus on learning how to study the Bible, each course teaches and builds on principles of application. Every year, students will come to a deeper understanding of the big story of Scripture—Creation, Fall, Redemption.


Teacher's Edition
Our teacher’s editions provide the teachers with everything they need to teach Bible eff ectively. Each level includes additional materials and strategies for teaching advanced students and covering diff erent learning styles. Resources in all our teacher’s editions make the teacher’s job easier, such as non-scripted lesson plans, suggestions for assessments, discussion topics, and activity ideas. Together, these resources create lessons that are customizable according to the needs of the classroom or individual students.


Because assessing student understanding goes beyond testing, a variety of assessments fi ll each of our student texts, teacher’s editions, and student activities manuals. We make the testing part easier by writing one age-appropriate test per chapter that covers the chapter’s main ideas.


Student Activities Manual
Activity manuals form an integral part of the Bible course. Each manual develops the students’ familiarity with the Bible study methods and application. They also provide direction for journal activities and verse memorization.

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