The Materials for Middle & High Bible

Below are the standard materials provided for each middle and high school grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student Edition, B - Teacher Edition, C - Student Activities, D - Assessments A

Student Edition (eTextbooks available)
The student edition for each course is divided into sections by topic and suggests Scripture memory and Scripture reading as applicable. Feature boxes explore background information, real-life examples, or pressing questions to complement the section as well as cultural focuses to help students to better understand historical cultures. Thinking It Through questions and unit reviews provide opportunities for discussion or formative assessment. Each student edition will give students a starting place for developing the Bible study skill they will be learning.


Teacher Edition
The teacher editions provide a thorough guide for each section of the student editions. Section objectives give the big picture for a few days of instruction, and preparation information gives a starting place for planning and teaching, including insight on effective preparation, worldview shaping, and key questions. Teaching strategies provide discussion prompts and guides, writing activities, group collaboration, and teaching tips. Handouts for student use are available for going deeper on specific topics. The teacher editions also provide answers for Thinking It Through questions and unit reviews.


Student Activities (interactive eActivities available)
The student activities provide a vital opportunity for direct application of course objectives. Each activities book focuses on Bible study and interpretation in connection with real-life application. Students are pushed to evaluate false beliefs and worldviews and defend a biblical worldview. They also offer a prayer journal to teach students how to pray specifically and scripturally, as well as Scripture memory explanations and tips. The corresponding answer keys provide overprint answers for easy grading.


Pre-printed assessment packets include chapter or unit tests with questions that reflect the student edition and align with the objectives listed in the teacher edition. Questions may cover Scripture memory, terms, basic content, concepts, principles, and application. The corresponding answer key provides overprint answers for easy grading.

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