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The Materials for Elementary Bible Truths

Below are the standard materials provided for each elementary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.


Student Worktext
The colorful Student Worktext is filled with age-appropriate text, illustrations, and photos. Students are challenged with opportunities to review and interact with biblical facts and principles that solidify their understanding, resulting in biblical application. Worktexts also include paper crafts, other hands-on activities, and Bible Truths for Christian Growth that are short doctrinal statements that are easy to memorize.


Teacher's Edition
Each Teacher’s Edition includes a Lesson Plan Overview, lesson objectives, material for guiding teaching, literal and higher-order thinking questions for review and application, and other helps.


Teacher's Toolkit CD
The CD includes the Bible reading program and additional exercises, questions, charts, maps, and reviews.


Tests & Test Answer Key
Tests and test answer keys for each unit are available for separate purchase. They include tests for each unit.


Visual Packet
The visual packet provides full-color charts, maps, timelines, and artwork based on biblical scenes. The packets give visual learners an opportunity to interact with the material, allowing them to better process the information. Visual packets are available for all Bible Truths levels.


Application Novel
Engaging novels for each grade level—except first grade—illustrate biblical principles for students.

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