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Secondary Bible Overview

From Stories, to Beliefs, to Actions

How does a student form a biblical worldview? Where does the impact of that worldview end? At BJU Press, we believe that information presented from a biblical perspective is not enough to create a biblical worldview. That information must also connect to the heart before it will become a worldview. Therefore, our secondary Bible program constantly guides students from head learning to heart learning. It presents the stories of the Scripture with hermeneutical principles focused on exegesis so that they can learn what Scripture teaches. Then it guides students to apply what they have learned because a biblical worldview should reach every area of their lives. Each course in this program shares the same goals:

  • To drive students toward daily application
  • To provide sound Bible study techniques
  • To connect students’ lives to the big story of Scripture—Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

The final two courses for this program, Biblical Worldview and Ethics and World Religions, pull this process together as they guide students through direct application of biblical principles to every-day issues and address contradictory worldviews.

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