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Elementary Bible Truths Overview

Know, Love, and Live the Bible

Bible class is at the heart of a good Christian education. Even the youngest children need to be fed Bible knowledge and be taught how to study the Bible and apply it to their lives. The BJU Press elementary Bible program

  • introduces students to the stories of the Bible,
  • encourages students to apply Bible knowledge to daily life, and
  • helps students develop Bible study skills.

Supporting the Teacher

Our elementary Bible program supports teachers as they introduce children to the stories of the Bible and basic doctrines of the Christian faith. By Grade 6, students will be exposed to many of the stories of the Bible, and we have made it easy for teachers to be prepared for every lesson. The teacher editions include discussion questions that teachers can use to assess students' understanding and help students apply the lesson to their own lives. It also includes ideas for helping students memorize verses and hymn texts as well as other tools to assist in lesson planning.

Flexibility for Every Class

We have designed our elementary Bible program to accommodate varying class schedules. In addition to exciting Bible accounts, the material also includes Christian fiction, missionary biographies, accounts from church history, and application stories. We have also made our lessons interactive by including suggestions for classroom discussion questions and hands-on activities as well as colorful, engaging pages in the student worktext.

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