Check out a page from the Bible 6 Student Text

a page from the Bible 6 Student Text

The Materials for Bible 6

the vine and the branches

Bible 6 Student Worktext

This student edition engages students with the ideas in the world around them. Written in an age-appropriate style, this book directly addresses the truth of the biblical worldview and the false ideas behind other worldviews. Students practice critical thinking by evaluating many current ideological battlefields, including self-identity, absolute truth, and creation vs. evolution. This book can be life-changing for students who diligently work through the biblical truths presented.

Bible 6 Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides various engaging strategies, such as case studies, webquests, and worldview dilemmas. The teacher is the key to helping students internalize the truths in the student edition. It also encourages collaboration and active student participation in analysis and interpretation of the ideas and truths presented in the student edition. As students engage in discussions and gather necessary biblical tools, they will be better prepared to be witnesses for Christ in the world.

Bible 6 Activities

The student activities give students practice opportunities for tracing concepts from the Scriptures, applying them to real life, and using them in real-world situations.

a man with the Ten Commandments in his heart

Bible 6 Activities Answer Key

The activities answer key is a full-page answer key with overprint answers for easy grading.

Bible 6 Assessments

The assessments packet provides opportunities to assess students’ understanding of the course objectives.

Bible 6 Assessments Answer Key

The assessments answer key includes copies of the student assessments with overprint answers for easy grading.

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