Check out a page from the Bible Truths 6 Student Text

a page from the Bible Truths 6 Student Text

The Materials for Bible Truths 6

Bible Truths 6 Student Worktext

Guides students in learning more about God and the plan of salvation. Analyzing Bible verses, learning Bible-study skills, critiquing responses, formulating biblical philosophies, and writing opportunities allow the students to be directed by God’s Word toward a heart and character that is pleasing to God.

Bible Truths 6 Teacher's Edition with CD

Provides a Christian worldview with a thematic overview of Bible accounts from Genesis to Revelation. Each of the ten units helps the students to grasp important aspects of the theme and consciously apply them to their lives. Bible accounts, application stories, memory verses, a biblical historical novel (Forbidden Gates), and background information are used to help the students properly respond to what they are learning about God. The Teacher’s Toolkit CD, included on the inside back cover of the Teacher’s Edition, contains teaching aids, such as charts, Bible book cards, unit reviews, Bible Truths for Christian Growth, and artwork.

Bible Truths 6 Tests

Helps assess students understanding of the concepts presented in the Bible Truths 6 materials.

Bible Truths 6 Tests Answer Key

Provides a copy of each student test with answer overprints for easy grading.

Forbidden Gates

Historical fiction by Denise Williamson, set in Jerusalem in the first century. This Christian fiction book tells the story of Nathan, the son of a temple money-changer. Nathan knows the laws of God’s house, and he has never questioned the rules. But when Dorian, a young Gentile, asks to meet with God, Nathan decides to take him into the temple, a forbidden act that defiles the temple on the eve of the Feast of the Harvest. Nathan is caught not only in the center of a growing conflict between temple officials and the disciples of the recently crucified Jesus but also in his own struggle to find real truth.

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