Check out a page from the Bible Truths 5 Student Text

a page from the Bible Truths 5 Student Text

The Materials for Bible Truths 5

Bible Truths 5 Student Worktext

Includes 180 lessons and is a colorful, fun worktext filled with practically written activities that reinforce understanding and application of Bible truths to help each student become a responsible, involved, and effective child of God. Students will study Old and New Testament Bible characters, such as Joseph, Samson, Daniel, Jonah, Jesus, Philip, and Paul. Students will also study the themes of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. As students interact with God’s Word, they should gain an immense appreciation for who God is and what He has done.

Bible Truths 5 Teacher's Edition with CD

Helps teachers foster a Christian worldview in their students while introducing more abstract spiritual growth concepts, such as God’s judgment and grace, holiness, set-apartness, and the foundations for Christian living. The Teacher’s Edition includes detailed, daily lesson plans, a comprehensive document explaining major Biblical doctrines, a new “Explaining the Gospel” section, an updated “Bible Truths for Christian Growth” section, a new section filled with activities to help aid in the understanding and memorization of Bible verses, revised unit review sections, and more. The Teacher’s Edition also includes lessons that integrate the missionary story Mik-Shrok and the application novel, Songbird. (Novels sold separately.) The Teacher’s Toolkit CD, included with the Teacher’s Edition, contains application stories, discussion questions, activity pages, bulletin-board designs, most of the hymns and songs, and electronic copies of the Student Materials Packet and the Teacher’s Visual Packet.

Bible Truths 5 Tests

Helps teachers assess their student’s understanding of the material covered throughout the course. Each test includes a various types of questions and challenges students to think critically about the concepts taught in the lessons.

Bible Truths 5 Tests Answer Key

Provides a copy of each student test with answer overprints for easy grading.


Songbird is historical fiction by Nancy Lohr set in 1770 in the British Colony of Williamsburg. Truxton Pilcher must work in his father’s pewter foundry reclaiming the metal shavings and stoking the fire. When Mr. Scrivner is seriously wounded in an accident in the Pilcher foundry, Truxton’s father is declared guilty of a hanging offense, and Truxton may be the only one who can ask the Governor for a pardon. This Christian fiction book features verses from the Psalms of David in Metre, the only copy of Scripture this fictional family owns. Songbird is used as a companion novel with Bible Truths 5.


In Mik-Shrok, Christian fiction for middle-grade readers written by Gloria Repp, Steve and Liz Bailey arrive at the small town of Koyalik, Alaska, with troubling questions. The veteran missionary who was supposed to meet them has disappeared. The year is 1950, and Alaska Territory is still a vast wilderness, unsettled and unexplored. Without a guide or an interpreter, Steve and Liz struggle to survive in the harsh new environment, praying for some kind of transportation. A miracle in the form of several huskies and a dogsled frees Steve and Liz to travel. But their troubles are far from over. The Alaskan terrain is dangerous, and the hearts of its people often seem harder than the frozen earth. Will Steve and Liz ever be able to reach the Eskimos for Christ? Book 1 in the Adventures of an Arctic Missionary Series. Used as a companion novel with Bible Truths 5.

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