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The Materials for Bible Truths 4

Bible 4 Student Worktext

The Student Worktext is filled with engaging exercises designed to increase students' understanding and their desire to love and serve God. Students learn many details about the Old Testament, but the text constantly emphasizes the overall simplicity and unity of the story. To help the students see how the Bible tells one continuous story, a fold-out timeline of the entire Old Testament is included.

Bible 4 Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition provides a clear plan for student engagement and learning, aligning guides and strategies with educational objectives. Lessons involve a variety of teaching strategies, including lecture, classroom discussion, role-playing, Socratic questioning, and cooperative learning. These strategies assist the teacher in creating a strong tie between the Bible and the students' life experiences. The overall goal of the instruction is to lead students to internalize biblical truth.

Bible Truths 4 Assessments

Uses many different types of questions to access the student's knowledge of the material covered in the Student Worktext. One test is included for each of the 10 units.

Bible Truths 4 Assessments Answer Key

Includes copies of the tests with answer overprints so that teachers can accurately access how well a student understands the information taught in the lessons.

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