Check out a page from the Bible Truths 2 Student Text

a page from the Bible Truths 2 Student Text

The Materials for Bible Truths 2

Bible Truths 2 Student Worktext

A colorful hands-on opportunity for students to solidify comprehension and understanding of Bible truths and application. It also provides opportunities to read maps, utilize logic, and make paper crafts to extend understanding of the concepts.

Bible Truths 2 Teacher's Edition with CD

Guides teachers as they help students understand God’s truth for practical living. Included are scripturally supported overviews of key biblical doctrines, a daily lesson plan, unit memory verse and hymn, supplemental read-aloud stories, unit review activity sheets, reproducible learning activity pages, instructions for one-on-one and group learning activities, a glossary of biblical terms, and a CD of corresponding reproducibles. Lessons also integrate a missionary story and an application novel, both sold separately.

Bible Truths 2 Tests

Help the student and teacher understand the student’s grasp on the comprehension, understanding, and application of the Bible truths presented.

Bible Truths 2 Tests Answer Key

Provides answers to the tests in the Bible Truths 2 Tests.

Bible Truths 2 Teacher's Visual Packet

Provides full color art of selected biblical accounts, maps, a full-size timeline, cards needed for the timeline, the ark, two charts containing the names of the books of the Bible, and a chart depicting garmets worn in Bible times.

Bible Truths 2 Music CD

Records the ten unit hymns. These hymns are accompanied by music and sung by children.

Pelts and Promises

Historical fiction for young readers set in 1903. When a schoolroom prank goes all wrong, Willie B. and Jamie land into big trouble. Their foolishness results in damaging the parson’s Bible beyond repair, and they know that they must find a way to buy him a new one. But how? In this Christian fiction story the boys make a promise that seems impossible to keep, but their fathers help the boys persist in keeping their word and righting their wrong. Pelts and Promises is used as a companion novel to Bible Truths 2.

A Question of Yams

A Christian fiction missionary story based on true events. The people of Kuri’s village have always prayed to the spirits when they plant their yams. Now Kuri’s father prays to the God of the Bible, and the crops begin to grow. But the sun is too hot, and without water the yams will die. The Head Men blame Kuri’s father. They say that he is being punished because he trusts in God. Kuri is afraid. If the yams die, everyone will starve. Is his father’s God mighty enough to bring rain? A Question of Yams is the story of a young boy learning to trust the One true God, written in chapter book format for young readers. A Question of Yams is used as a companion novel to Bible Truths 2.

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