The Materials for Bible 2

Bible 2 Student Worktext

Introduces students to 52 new Bible Truths and reviews the 42 truths introduced in 1st grade. The worktext enables students to explore biblical narratives and connect those narratives with foundational Bible doctrines. Students will enjoy review activities, games, role-playing, and Bible Truth songs to help them develop 21st century skills. These exercises will also help them internalize important Bible truths, Bible stories, and Bible doctrines.

Bible 2 Teacher Edition

Guides teachers as they help students analyze biblical narratives and relate them to foundational Bible doctrines. Teachers will use object lessons to help students connect Bible truths to real-life situations. Instructional sections help students identify the main idea of a Scripture passage. Thoughtful learning strategies are also featured to help students engage with and retain Bible truths.

Bible 2 Assessments

Includes 8 tests to help evaluate the student’s comprehension, understanding, and application of the presented Bible Truths.

Bible 2 Assessments Answer Key

Provides answers to the tests in the Bible 2: Truths for Life 2 Assessments.

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