Secondary Bible Truths Overview

Lay a Foundation for a Biblical Worldview

A biblical worldview does not just happen. It must be developed. At BJU Press, we believe that Bible class is an essential tool for developing students’ biblical worldview. Our program works its way through both the Old and New Testaments and lays a foundation for a biblical worldview by teaching students the storyline of Scripture.

Throughout our program, students will

  • Be exposed to the entire Scriptures
  • Learn how to study the Bible for themselves
  • Learn how to apply Scripture to their personal lives and to cultural issues around them

Teach Students to Study the Bible

The next generation of students will face a world that is increasingly hostile to followers of Christ. Make sure your students are prepared to defend their beliefs by teaching them how to study the Bible for themselves. Our program comes alongside teachers as they expose students to the totality of the Word of God. As student study the big story of the Bible—Creation, Fall, and Redemption—teachers will have opportunities to introduce them to Bible study methods and tools that will help them learn how to rightly interpret Scripture.

Teach Students to Apply the Bible

It is not enough to simply know what the Bible says about a topic. Students need to know how to apply Scripture to the issues and decisions they will face in the future. Our program challenges students to think about some of the tough issues in our world today, such as gender roles, the role of government, and media choices, and apply Scripture to these issues.

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