Check out a page from the Bible Truths Level A Student Text

a page from the Bible Truths Level A Student Text

The Materials for Bible Truths 7

Bible Truths Level A Student Worktext

Focuses on the life of Christ. Your student will be inspired by the example of Christ’s own life experiences and the way He dealt with both friends and enemies. In addition, many other valuable lessons will be drawn from Christ’s sermons, miracles, and parables. The student text also includes features such as historical, cultural, and geographical background information to Christ’s life, charts and maps, lesson reviews, and recommended memory verses. This new edition includes a brand new section covering every verse in Christ’s Sermon on the Mount and applying it to students’ lives.

Bible Truths Level A Teacher's Edition with CD

Provides extensive lecture material for each section in the student text and includes Reduced Student Pages showing the teacher what his or her students are seeing. Classroom activities and discussions are suggested at the end of many sections. The CD includes reproducible exercises for each section of the book.

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Bible Truths Level A Tests

Evaluate student understanding of the textbook and lecture material.

Bible Truths Level A Tests Answer Key

Provides copies of the student tests with answer overprint for easy grading.

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