Check out a page from the Bible Doctrines Student Edition

a page from the Bible Doctrines Student Edition

The Materials for Bible Doctrines

from the Bible into your head and through your heart to your hand

Bible Doctrines Student Text

Directs students toward the key doctrinal conclusions for 10 major categories. This course does not direct students to simply memorize doctrines and move on. This high school textbook invites students to investigate the biblical data and come up with biblical answers themselves.

Bible Doctrines Teacher Edition

Equips educators to guide students through the Bible doctrines course. With effective teaching, educators can engage students’ affections in the content of the course so they are prepared for transformation by the Word of God.

Bible Doctrines Activities

Gives students opportunities to practice formulating doctrine from biblical data, defend orthodox doctrine, and apply Bible doctrines and principles to their lives. The workbook includes information about the significance of the memory verses to the Bible doctrines and gives students the opportunity to engage in worship through prayer.

Bible Doctrines Activities Answer Key

Includes all student activities from the Grade 10 Bible Doctrines workbook with overprint answers for grading.

Bible Doctrines Assessments

Provides tests for use as summative assessments for the Bible Doctrines course.

Bible Doctrines Assessments Answer Key

Includes the student tests with overprint answers or suggested answers, as well as page numbers and objectives for use when grading each assessment.

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