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Textbooks and materials


Books and materials purchased on this website must be returned by the original purchaser, subject to the following conditions:

A 10% restocking fee is assessed on all items returned. Examination copies are exempt from this fee if they are returned on time.

Items returned after 90 days (120 days for overseas customers) from the invoice date will receive an additional 10% restocking fee then and each month thereafter. Refunds will not be issued on materials returned after 12 months from the shipping/invoice date, and the materials will not be returned to you.

Shipping discrepancies or damages/defects must be reported within 10 days from receipt of the materials and should be returned within 30 days after notifying BJU Press. Information about returning the items and obtaining replacements will be provided when BJU Press is notified. You may call 800.845.5731, or email


Homeschoolers and individuals may examine materials without incurring a restocking fee as long as the materials are returned within 30 days from the invoice date.

Partial returns cannot be accepted on kits and sets.


Prior approval by BJU Press must be obtained before items may be returned after 30 days from the invoice date. You may call 800.845.5731, or email

All materials must be returned via UPS or Parcel Post (insured) with a copy of the packing slip or invoice in each box and must be in good salable condition (undamaged and unmarked). Unacceptable returns will receive no credit and will be disposed of.

On the packing slip or invoice, please circle the items being returned and note the quantity of each item being returned.


Credit for a return may not be deducted from a new order. BJU Press will mail a refund check to you or credit your credit/debit card, depending on the method of payment you used on the order. Allow four weeks for returns to be processed.

Please send all returns to
BJU Press Distribution Center
134 White Oak Drive
Greenville, SC 29607

Distance Learning

If you are not satisfied with your Distance Learning order, you may return it within 30 days of the original shipping date for a full refund (excluding all shipping and handling charges paid at the time of order). All materials must be included and must be in good salable condition (undamaged and unmarked). Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for a full explanation of our cancellation policies.

Please contact Customer Service to obtain an RMA and return instructions prior to shipping your return.


eTextbooks are leased not purchased. Since eTextbooks cannot be resold, they are generally not returnable. Any exception to this policy must be approved by BJU Press. Please contact Customer Service at 800.845.5731 to discuss your situation.

Testing & Evaluation

All refunds require that the materials be returned in their original condition. The pricing below represents Testing's general policies. Testing reserves the right to make the final decision regarding refunds. Policies and pricing are subject to change without notice.

Any shipping discrepancies or damages/defects should be reported within 10 days from receipt of materials.

Test Support Materials

  • Unused Better Test Scores kits and The Iowa Tests®/Stanford practice tests receive a basic 75% refund.
  • The following are nonrefundable:
    • Career Direct®
    • Opened training DVDs
    • Previews for Parents/Message to Parents

Stanford/The Iowa Tests® (Service Package)1

  • Unused The Iowa Tests®/Stanford achievement and/or abilities tests generally receive a basic 75% refund.
  • Partially used Achievement or CogAT® tests generally receive a basic 50% refund.
  • Combination The Iowa Tests®/CogAT® or Stanford/OLSAT® tests generally receive a 25% refund if only one of the tests is used.
  • Delinquent Tests receive up to a 50% refund after 2 delinquency notices; no refunds will be issued after an order has been billed for late return.

Stanford/The Iowa Tests® (Purchased)

  • Unused achievement test materials generally receive a 50% refund.
    • Returned materials must be in original condition.
    • Materials must be returned no later than 6 months from the purchase date.

BJU Press will mail a refund check to you or credit your credit/debit card, depending on the method of payment you used for the order.

Please send returns to
BJU Press Testing & Evaluation
1430 Wade Hampton Blvd., Ste. 210
Greenville, SC 29609-5066

1Additional deductions will be made for damaged/lost books or answer documents.

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