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General Spelling Instruction

  • EdHelper—Worksheets and word building activities
  • Teaching Ideas—Spelling activities by grade level
  • TLs Books—Free printable fourth and fifth grade worksheets for various subjects
  • Eclipse—Crossword puzzle maker
  • Spelling Practice—Parts of speech, spelling practice with vowels and sight words, synonyms and antonyms, word clouds
  • Super Teacher Ideas—Creative activities and ideas to teach spelling
  • Proofreading—Editing practice with various topics
  • My Spell It—Resource for homonyms, words that are confused, frequently misspelled words, and words of Latin and Greek origin (Scripps National Spelling Bee study site)
  • The Write Source—Writing topics by grade level
  • Pro Teacher—The writing process, journal writing, and writing prompts
  • Dictionary Skills—Games and strategies for teaching dictionary skills
  • Online Dictionary—Easy to use dictionary
  • Homeschool Diner—Homeschooling by subject
  • Creation Moments—Creation research with Short Answers to Big Questions

Activities and Games


  • Coach Like a Pro—Basketball drills for kids
  • USA Swimming—Swimming training tips and many resources from the national swimming organization
  • Baseball—Safety tips for baseball gear, play, and pitching
  • Bowling— Equipment and rules for bowling
  • Scuba Diving for Beginners—Basic equipment for scuba diving
  • Bike Safety—Safe riding tips and rules of the road
  • Beginning Skiing—Tips for choosing equipment, using a chairlift, and preparing for the weather
  • Tennis for Kids—Benefits of the sport of tennis
  • Track and Field—Introduction to the sport of track and field
  • Figure Skating—History of skating and glossary of ice skating terms
  • Sport Fishing—Boats, gear, and techniques for sport fishing
  • Billy Sunday—Chronology, biography, and selected reading about Billy Sunday
  • Eric Liddell—Background information on "The Flying Scotsman" and text of an interview with Liddell's daughter

Link Disclaimer

The fact that a link is listed on this site does not mean that BJU Press endorses its entire contents from the standpoint of ethics, philosophy, theology, or scientific hypotheses. The position of BJU Press on these subjects is well known. In order to provide a useful service to our customers, links to many sites of content relevant to our publications are posted on the basis of the information and/or services that the sites offer.

Due to the transient nature of websites, these links are updated regularly. At the time of publication, all of the web links suggested in our educational materials were active. Since then, some may have been replaced by similar websites or removed from this list. If you have comments, suggestions, questions, or find that one of these resources is no longer in service, please e-mail us.


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