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Chapter 27: Relativity

  • Relativity Train—This fun site provides a lesson plan for demonstrating length contraction and time dilation according to Einstein's special theory of relativity using a toy train, clocks and other props.

Chapter 28: Quantum Physics

  • Photoelectric Effect—This is an animated interactive illustration of the photoelectric effect.
  • Hydrogen Spectra—This links to an interactive animation of selected Hydrogen spectra. The site includes explanations and links to additional resources.

Chapter 29: Nuclear Physics

  • Radioisotopic Data—This is a compendium of hyperlinked facts pertaining to particles, as well as all areas of science
  • Dendrochronology—A discussion from the biblical creationist perspective of the problems using counted tree rings to establish accurate chronological dates from which scientists attempt to obtain calibrated C-14 dates.
  • Fusion and Fission—This site provides good discussion of fusion and fission processes, including animations.
  • Nuclear Power—This site presents several excellent animated illustrations showing how nuclear reactors and power plants operate.
  • ITER—This is the homepage of the ITER fusion energy demonstration project. Many links can be found on this page pertaining to the project.
  • MRI—This site provides an excellent video in layman's terms explaining the process and theory behind an MRI

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