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Chapter 13: Properties of Matter

  • Gas Simulation—This interactive applet allows you to change the parameters of a sample of gas in order to see how they affect molecular motion. You will want to ensure that Java is up to date in your browser for this site to work properly.
  • Stress-Strain—This technical discussion of the stress-strain curve will help you to better understand this important concept of materials science.

Chapter 14: Expansion and Temperature

  • Ideal Gas Law—This is an ideal gas law simulation of gas particle motion that employs an interactive piston chamber. The site includes inquiry-based guides.
  • Van der Waals—This is a biography of Johannes Diderik Van der Waals.

Chapter 15: Thermal Energy and Heat

Chapter 16: Thermodynamic Laws

  • Thermal Equilibrium—This guided instruction provides seven animated experiments to illustrate thermodynamic equilibrium.
  • Carnot Cycle—This is an interactive simulation of the Carnot cycle using a piston animation.

Chapter 17: Fluid Mechanics

  • Archimedes' Principle—This is an interactive simulation of Archimedes' principle using animated laboratory equipment in a Java applet.
  • Coandă Effect—This is an interesting website featuring an inventor's development of a model “flying saucer” based on the Coandă Effect. Includes videos and numerous links to other resources. Highly recommended for a Science Fair project.
  • Wind Power—This presents an animated national map showing the development of wind power in the US.

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