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Welcome to the Laboratory!

  • Color Vision Tests—Several different self-tests to check for various kinds of color vision deficiency; Colblindor

Lab 1A

Lunar Colonies

  • Space Settlement Discussion—A resource discussing the issues of future space settlements; National Space Society (NSS)
  • Space Settlement Library—The Space Settlement Nexus containing thousands of pages of space settlement information; National Space Society (NSS)

Lab 4A


  • IGVC Website—A college-level robotics competition called the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC); IGVC
  • FIRST Competitions—A series of robotics competitions from grade school through high school; FIRST
  • LEGO Robot Kits—A variety of LEGO-based robot construction kits and parts; LEGO
  • VEX Robotics—A variety of robot kits and construction parts; VEX Robotics, Inc.
  • Robotfest—A robotics competition for grades 5–12; Lawrence Tech
  • RobotShop—A store that sells a wide variety of robot parts; RobotShop Distribution, Inc.
  • The Robot MarketPlace—A store that sells a wide variety of robot parts; The Robot MarketPlace

Lab 5A

Lab 12A

Lab 13B

Lab 14B

Equipment Suppliers

Lab 17B

Lab 18B

Online Periodic Table

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