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Chapter 1: Modeling God's Word

  • Sketchup—A free 3D modeling program from Trimble Buildings
  • Pinger—A sound file demonstrating a sonar pinger

Chapter 2: Matter

  • STM Images—Overview information and images of STM; Wikipedia
  • States of Matter—An interactive states of matter particle simulator; University of Colorado
  • Sand to Glass—Video description of glassmaking; Alan MacFarlane, anthropologist
  • Molecular Vibrations—Numerous animated graphics of various molecular vibration modes; University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Measuring Hardness—Mineral hardness and comparison of Mohs and absolute hardness scales

Chapter 3: Measurement

  • Curiosity Rover—Videos from the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Mission website showing interesting aspects of the mission
  • Measurement Smorgasbord—A Web resource describing the kinds and abbreviations of units around the world; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • History of the SI—A brief history of the International System of units; US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Interactive Whiteboard—Information page for Mimio┬« Interactive Teaching Technologies; Precept Marketing
  • Noah's Ark—A comprehensive website dealing with the engineering of Noah's Ark; Tim Lovett
  • Scientific Notation Practice—An interesting discussion about the uses of scientific notation; Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Chapter 4: Kinetics: How Things Move

  • Model Rockets—The Estes model rocket site, for all things having to do with model rocketry

Chapter 6: Energy

Chapters 7: Work and Simple Machines

  • Big Ben—Information on the famous bell and clock tower; United Kingdom Parliament
  • Ark Encounter Project—Website of the Noah's Ark theme park in Kentucky, USA
  • Bacterial Motor—video of the molecular construction and operation of a flagellum motor; Discovery Institute/YouTube
  • Archimedes's Screw—Illustrations of various applications of Archimedes's screw; New York University resource webpage

Chapter 8: Fluid Machines

  • Tsunami Detection—Discussion of tsunami detection motivated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; NASA

Chapter 9: Thermodynamics

  • Heat and Energy—Overview of the development of the theory of heat and thermal energy; University of Virginia
  • Stardust Mission—NASA mission page of the completed cometary dust return mission

Chapter 10: Electricity

  • Static Electricity—A variety of brief lessons, illustrations, and self-checks on electrostatics; The Physics Classroom
  • Lightning—Lightning Resource Page; The National Weather Service, Pueblo, CO
  • Learning from Lightning—NASA resource reporting research into lightning; many interesting links
  • Human Voltage—Hazards and effects of being struck by lightning; NASA
  • Worldwide Lightning—Visualization of NOAA global weather data sets (Download the kmz file and double click to load it into Google EarthTM.); Google Earth Blog
  • Solar Cells—Information on how solar energy and solar cells work from HowStuffWorks
  • Solar Panels—Overview of solar energy products; PV Systems, LLC

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