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Unit 1: Foundations of Life Science


Chapter 1: The World of Life Science

Chapter 2: Characteristics and Classification of Life

Chapter 3: Cell Structure

Chapter 4: Cell Activities

Unit 2: Heredity and the Origin of Life

Chapter 5: The Cell Cycle and Protein Synthesis

Chapter 6: Genetics of Organisms

Chapter 7: Genetic Changes and Biotechnology

Chapter 8: In the Beginning

  • Answers in Genesis—Ample information on creation, evolution, and apologetics from a biblical perspective
  • The Creation Research Society—Many articles on creation science, some technical and some for laypeople
  • Institute for Creation Research—A young-earth creation science ministry which provides educational resources, scientific publications, and more
  • Answers in Genesis: Flood—Links to many articles discussing various Flood topics
  • Those Not-So-Dry Bones—An article showing how the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur fossils presents problems for evolutionary theory
  • More Soft Tissue in “Old Fossils”—An article showing how the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur fossils presents problems for evolutionary theory
  • Discovery Institute—A recognized leader in the push for intelligent design, a growing challenge to the evolutionary worldview, but one that does not identify the Creator or use Scripture
  • Tree of Life—An online inventory of species, arranged into a phylogenetic tree
  • A Poke in the Eye?—An article presenting a creationist perspective on the supposed evolution of E. coli bacteria

Unit 3: Microbiology and Plant Biology

Chapter 9: The Microscopic World

Chapter 10: Structure and Function of Plants

Chapter 11: Plant Classification and Reproduction

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