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Unit One

Chapter 1—Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Chapter 2—Weathering and Erosion

Chapter 3—Natural Resources

Unit Two

Chapter 4

Chapter 5—Animal Classification

Unit Three

Chapter 7

  •—An interesting site about making homemade soap (acids & bases)
  •—A chemistry site that deals with matter, reactions, elements, and atoms. Kid-friendly
  • ACS: Chemistry for Life —A site that has several different chemistry activities and experiments for middle school and high school students

Chapter 8—Electricity and Magnetism

Chapter 9—Motion and Machines

  • Amusement Park Physics—This is an interactive site about building roller coasters. It explains slope, design, and safety. Students can build and test their roller coasters.
  • Surprising Science—an article on how a mosquito survives the impact of a raindrop

Unit Four

Chapter 10

  • Zoom Astronomy—Links about astronomy (stars and planets)
  •—This site includes information about planets, comets, constellations, galaxies, and more. It has a teacher's resource section, as well as games.
  • Astronomy: Our Place in Space—Use with caution. This site includes a lot of evolutionary references, such as "billions of years ago," and states that the Big Bang caused the universe. However, it does have some good factual information about the solar system presented in a kid-friendly manner.
  • Astronomy Charts—This interactive site shows current sky maps according to zip codes.

Chapter 11—Solar System

  • Space Weather Today—Information about weather in space
  • Air and Space—an article about the retirement of the space shuttles
  • NEON—NASA Educators Online Network resource repository

Unit Five

Chapter 12

Unit Six

Chapter 14—Nervous System

  • NIDA for Teens—The science behind drug abuse—this site contains information about the brain and about several different categories of drugs. Best used for teacher's reference.
  • Drug Abuse Resources—resources for teachers and students on the types and effects of drug abuse
  • Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord—Includes much on neuroscience, things related to the five senses, as well as games, activities, coloring bok, and worksheets.
  • The Brain is the Boss—This site includes a variety of information about health and the human body. Written in a kid-friendly format.
  • Caffeine—Mayo Clinic article and charts of caffeine amounts in various products

Chapter 15

  • John Snow—This site provides a detailed history about John Snow and early epidemiology. It includes articles, sight and sound animation, and links to other sites about John Snow.

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