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Chapter 5: Weather

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 76)

Chapter 6: Biomes

  • Worldbiomes.com—Information, maps, and pictures for many biomes
  • Earth Observatory: Biomes—Test your knowledge of biomes with the missions given on this NASA site.
  • Build a Prairie—An interactive way to restore a prairie
  • Research sources for biome information—Links about biomes and other related subjects
  • Biomes of the World—Biome information from Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Ducksters Science for Kids—Description of the tundra biome, including its characteristics, types, facts, and types of plants and animals (All Lessons)
  • Hassam Hub Pages—Information about the tundra biome including pictures, a video, and links to animals, the rainforest, grassland, mountains, and marine biomes (Most Lessons)
  • Enchanted Learning—Biomes—Information about the habitats of biomes including links to pictures, printouts, and quizzes (Lessons 81–91)
  • Biome Info and Picture—Information and pictures of each type of biome, aquatic, deserts, forests, grasslands, and tundra (All Lessons)
  • Kids Do Ecology—Facts, pictures, puzzles for kids and classroom project ideas for teachers (All Lessons)
  • My Botanic Planet—Learn about plants and science through this interactive island exploration; resources for teachers; available in English and Spanish

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 92)


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