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  • Signing dictionaries—Signing dictionaries for science and math
  • NEON—NASA Educators Online Network resource repository
  • Graphic Organizers Ready to Use—Many types of graphic organizers-interactive
  • Mensa for Kids—Site for gifted students-includes activities
  • National Park Services Resources—The ‘Parks as Classrooms’ tab includes curriculum materials, field trips, speakers, materials to loan, online galleries, and more.
  • Free Fieldtrips—Directory of free field trips offered in your community
  • Time For Kids—Grammar, dictionary, and thesaurus tools for writing papers, book reports, essays, and interactive flashcards in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Geography
  • African-American Scientists—Oral histories of African-American scientists.
  • Copyright Law Lesson Plans—Grade-level lesson plans under “Creative Credit & Copyright” for teaching students about copyrights and how they apply to their research and projects.

Chapter 1: Minerals and Rocks

  • Geological Society of America Lesson Plans—For the teacher—activities and lesson plans about rocks, minerals, and crystals from the Geological Society of America
  • Minerals in Sports—U. S. Geological Survey site about the use of minerals in sports
  • Minerals of the Bible—Pictures and information about minerals mentioned in the Bible
  • Natural Gemstones—U. S. Geological Survey site about gemstones
  • Sediment from a Storm—Satellite photo and article of sediment in the ocean after a storm (Lesson 3)
  • Minerals on Mars—Article for use in a fact and opinion activity (Lessons 5–6)
  • Science Kids Activities—Interactive activity to test rocks for permeability, split, wear, and ability to float (Lessons 5–6).
  • Mohs Drill Activity—Mohs Hardness Scale interactive online activity in which students break through a wall using different drill bits on different types of rocks (Lessons 5–6)
  • Making Crystals—Crystal making activities for kids (Lessons 8–9)
  • Kids Love Rocks—The “What to Collect” section has beautiful pictures of rocks and minerals. Click on a rock and it leads you to information about that rock. (Lesson 13–14)
  • Minerals Education Coalition—Teaching ideas, activities, demonstrations, coloring pages, and SMART board materials
  • Rock Collecting—home hobbies and learning facts about geology

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 4)

  • Flood Geology—Video download that explains the possible mechanisms for the Flood and the tremendous effects it had on the earth. Show and discuss the “Canyons” segment. DVD available for purchase.
  • Grand Canyon: A Different View—Hardcover book that gives the reader a perspective that words cannot describe through photographs and essays
  • Awesome Science: Explore the Grand Canyon—In this DVD fourteen-year-old Noah Justice explores the forty layers of the Grand Canyon. His adventure educates the viewer about how earth science actually supports the biblical record.

Chapter 2: Fossils and Dinosaurs

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 29)

  • Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures: I Dig Dinosaurs!—Video download in which adventurer Buddy Davis goes on an exciting dinosaur dig in the Badlands of Montana. This real-life dinosaur researcher inspires kids with his solid creation teaching and infectious passion for the gospel. DVD available for purchase.
  • Those Not-So-Dry Bones”—Article in which Marcus Ross explores the question “If dinosaurs died millions of years ago, how can their fossils still contain soft tissue?”
  • Get Answers: Fossils—Page with links to information about fossils
  • Soft tissue fossil—For more articles, search “soft tissue fossil” at the Answers in Genesis website.

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