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Unit 1 God’s Creation

Chapter 1: Living Things

  • Animal Camouflage—Information on how camouflage works and video of cuttlefish camouflage
  • Endangered Species—This site helps find endangered species in different states by using a search bar
  • Answers in Genesis (Lesson 4)

  • Death before Sin?—A big picture of sin and death and how they are related in the Bible
  • The Answers Book for Kids—Link to buy a book with 22 Questions from Kids on Creation and the Fall
  • Vegetarian Piranhas? —Information on a new piranha that has been discovered

Chapter 2: Insects and Spiders

Chapter 3: Plants

Unit 2: Forces and Energy

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 61)

Chapter 5: Electricity and Magnetism

Unit 3: The Moon and Oceans

Chapter 7: The Moon

  • Complete Sun and Moon Data—Database for finding out daily local information about the sun and the moon (rising/setting times, moon phase)
  • Moon Phase Calculator—Calendar that shows the approximate moon phases for each month from the years 1951–Present
  • Moon's Origin and Age—Answers in Genesis article about theories and biblical truth of the moon’s origin and age
  • Moon and Earth—NASA satellite images and video of the dark side of the moon as it passed between the satellite and Earth

Chapter 8: Water and Oceans

  • Plankton—Teacher information about plankton and excellent plankton photos   
  • Spacesuits—NASA spacesuit information and photos
  • Tsunami March 11, 2011—A video clip of the tsunami on March 11, 2011. (Lessons 115–16)

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 121)

Unit 4: The Earth for Our Use

Chapter 9: Weathering and Erosion

  • Living History Farm: The Dust Bowl—Information about the Dust Bowl and its effects on farming (language an issue on remembrance of Elroy Hoffman video)
  • Road Engineering and Erosion Prevention—United Nations watershed management field manual; easy to read information and guidelines about road engineering and erosion prevention; goes with chapter introduction
  • Origin of the Grand Canyon—Answers in Genesis article explaining the biblical worldview and some opposing views (Lesson 131)
  • Sea Arch Erosion—Series of historic photos showing the erosion of a sea arch (Lesson 131)

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 132)

Chapter 10: The Earth’s Resources

  • My American Farm—Agriculture-based resources and activities for teachers and students
  • Mount Trashmore—Virginia Beach, Virginia’s city page for Mount Trashmore (Lesson 140)
  • Hydroelectric Power—USGS information and diagrams of hydroelectric power generation

Unit 5: The Body at Work

Chapter 11: Digestion

Chapter 12: Bones and Muscles

Answers in Genesis (Lesson 132)

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