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Unit 2: The Restless Earth

Chapter 4: Geology—The Earth Speaks

Chapter 6: Earthquakes

  • Real-Time Earthquakes—Google Earth file that links to the USGS earthquake database showing current and recent earthquake epicenters around the world in relation to tectonic plate boundaries

Chapter 8: Volcanoes and Volcanism

  • Global Volcano Map—Google Earth file that shows volcanoes around the world with at least one photo and a detailed description of the volcano

Unit 5: The Atmosphere

Chapter 18: Earth’s Atmosphere

Chapter 19: Weather

Chapter 20: Storms and Weather Prediction

  • Tornado History Database—Interactive, searchable database and map of tornadoes in the United States from 1950 to the present

Unit 6: The Heavens

Chapter 22: The Sun, Moon, and Earth System

Chapter 23: Our Solar System

  • Galilean Moon Locator—Website that gives information on the locations of the Galilean moons for a specific date; to be used in Lab 23A, “Being a Galileo”

Chapter 24: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Chapter 25: Space Exploration

  • NAR—Link to National Association of Rocketry website
  • ESTES—Link to the Estes website, most popular source of model rocket kits
  • Quest Aerospace—Link to the Quest Aerospace website, good source of model rocket kits
  • Aerotech—Link to the AeroTech Consumer Aerospace website; good source of model rocket kits

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