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Chapters 1–5

Lab 2A: Needle in a Haystack

Lab 4A: Newsy Light

Lab 5: An Elemental Merry-Go-Round

  • WebElements—An interactive site that will allow students to explore the many aspects of periodicity

Chapters 6–10

Lab 9B: Water, . . . Water!

Lab 9D: Cracking the Kernel

Lab 10A: The Temperature Cliff

Lab 10B: An Aquanaut's World

  • Aquarius—A colorful and informative website dedicated to the underwater lab Aquarius

Chapters 11–15

Lab 11B: Cracking the Crystal

Lab 12A: The Beach is Closed

  • Red Tide—A website with photos of and information about red tides, other types of algal blooms, and their impact on wildlife and the economy

Lab 12B: One Giant Solution

Lab 13B: Snow Monkeys

  • Photo Etching—A video that shows the chemistry behind the photo etching process

Lab 14: Collision Course

  • Comet Collisions—Photos of the collision between comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Jupiter in 1994

Lab 15: Old Faithful

Chapters 16–20

Lab 16B: Cheesy Chemistry

Lab 18A: Makes Scents!

  • Fischer Esterification—An animation that shows the mechanism by which esters form during Fischer esterification

Lab 20: Atomic Asteroids

  • Atomic Mass Data—A complete list of atomic masses of different nuclides along with their abundances from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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