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Chapter 6: Chemical Bonds

  • Covalent Bonding—An interactive tutorial that explores the forces involved with covalent bonding
  • Diamond and Graphite Structures—An interactive website where you and your students can manipulate the molecular structures of graphite and diamond and learn why graphite is soft and diamond is hard

Chapter 7: Bond Theories and Molecular Geometry

Chapter 8: Chemical Composition and Reactions

  • Anatomy of a Firework—The parts and the compounds used for different colors in fireworks
  • Ethanol from Waste—An article describing the older technology of gasification used in a new way to recycle certain waste products.
  • Beautiful Chemistry—Several amazing high-speed videos of chemical reactions taking place
  • Centrifuge—An explanation and a diagram of a centrifuge separating blood plasma from blood cells.
  • Sugar Snake—A fascinating video of the decomposition reaction of sugar and sulfuric acid
  • Ammonium Dichromate Decomposition—A demonstration of ammonium dichromate decomposing after the addition of heat (Note: If you decide to perform this demonstration, please follow all safety precautions.)
  • Single Displacement Reaction—A video that illustrates a single displacement (replacement) reaction using silver nitrate with copper coil
  • The Guinea Worm—An article about the demise of the guinea worm, a waterborne parasite that has almost been eradicated because of water treatment

Chapter 9: Chemical Calculations

Chapter 10: Gases

  • Boyle's Law—An animation showing the relationship between gas volume and pressure
  • Charles's Law—An animation showing the relationship between gas volume and temperature
  • Gay-Lussac's Law—An animation showing the relationship between gas pressure and temperature
  • Airbags—A narrated video that focuses on airbag safety for children but includes principles that can also be applied to adults

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