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Unit 1: Living in God’s World

Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Living Things

  • Dietary Fibers—an investigation into the physical properties of common dietary fibers
  • Enzyme Chemistry—an investigation into the action of several common enzymbes

Unit 2: The Pattern of Life

Chapter 5: Cytology

Chapter 7: Cell processes

Chapter 9: Advanced Genetics

  • Allele Frequencies—graphical analyses of allele frequencies in a population
  • Gene Drives—lecture on gene drives that allow scientists to edit genes and ensure that the new traits are inherited by future generations
  • Molecular and Cellular Cancer—introduces students to the important contributions of mutations in genes involved in regulating the rate of cell division

Unit 5: The Human Body

Chapter 20: Protection

Chapter 21: Support and Movement

  • Growing a New Bone—using adult stem cells to create better ways to help patients
  • Bone Activities—interesting activities including contrasting body ratios and proportions, comparing bone structure at different ages, calculating bone density, demineralizing chicken bones, and comparing fracture rates in men and women at various ages
  • Amgen Bone Biology—excellent series of videos on bones from the biotechnology company Amgen
  • Youth Exercise Guidelines—guidelines for the amount and kinds of exercise for youth

Chapter 22: Transport

Chapter 23: Energy

Chapter 24: Communication

  • Brain Map—mapping which genes are turned on in which region of the brain and how it all connects
  • Teen Sleep Guide—guidelines for the amount of sleep needed by people of different ages
  • Eye Dissection—uses sheep eye; can use a cow eye instead

Chapter 25: Reproduction, Growth, and Health

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