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Unit 1: Living in God’s World

Chapter 1: The Living Creation

Lab 1A A Method to this Madness

  • Science Daily—Database of readable summaries of recent scientific studies

Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Living Things

Lab 2A Lost in the Woods

Lab 2B Bubbles of Life

  • Virtual Enzyme Lab—a virtual lab examining how enzymes increase the rates of reactions

Chapter 6: Energy and Information in the Cell

Lab 6A No Swimming Today

  • Water Quality Testing—a water testing program for middle schools and high schools produced by Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
  • BOD demonstration—a demonstration of the Winkler method produced by Carolina Biological.

Lab 6B Hidden Code

  • Virtual DNA Extraction Lab—a virtual lab that explains the process of extracting DNA using much more expensive and precise instruments than used in Lab 6B

Chapter 9: Advanced Genetics

Lab 9A Fix It!

Chapter 10: When Worldviews Collide

Lab 10A In Darwin’s Own Words

Lab 10B Worldview Sleuthing

  • NOVA—a database of NOVA videos shown on PBS
  • Nature—a database of Nature videos shown on PBS
  • Science Articles—a database of recent science research articles written for the nonprofessional

Unit 3: Microorganisms and Plants

Chapter 11: Classifying Life

Lab 11B All Myxed Up

  • Myxozoan Classification—a scientific article on the supposed phylogenetic relationship between myxozoans and cnidarians

Chapter 12: Energy and Information in the Cell

Lab 12B One Slick Solution

Chapter 14: Plant Classification and Structure

Lab 14A Name that Plant

  • Plant ID App—an app that allows users to upload and retrieve pictures of plant species as an aid in identification

Chapter 15: Plant Processes

Lab 15A Bananamania

  • Yang Cycle—a brief history of processes used throughout history to hasten the ripening of fruit

Lab 15B Too Salty?

  • Soil Salinity—background information on the effects of soil salinity on plant growth
  • Howe's Paper—“Seed Germination, Sea Water, And Plant Survival in the Great Flood,” by George F. Howe in Creation Research Society Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 3 (December 1968), pp. 105–12
  • On the Action of Seawater—“On the Action of Seawater on the Germination of Seeds” by Charles Darwin

Unit 4: Animals

Chapter 19: Endothermic Vertebrates

Lab 19A Our Fine, Feathered Friends

Unit 5: The Human Body

Chapter 20: Protection

Lab 20A Chill Out!

Chapter 24: Communication

Lab 24B Rat Recap

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