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Chapter 9: The Classification of Organisms

Chapter 10: Bacteria and Viruses—Microbiology Part I

Chapter 11: The Kingdom Protista—Microbiology Part II

Chapter 12: The Kingdom Fungi

  • The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology—Cornell University's Webliography to hundreds of fungi-related websites
  • Fungal Biology—Resources on the taxonomy, structure and function, growth and development, uses of fungi, and more
  • MykoWeb—Concentrates on fungi of California but contains a wealth of photos and more general information
  • The Fungus Among Us—Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History's virtual museum of fungi
  • Doctor Fungus—Contains much information on fungi and fungal diseases
  • Lichens of North America—Contains a wealth of information about and pictures of North American lichens

Chapters 13 and 14: The Plant Kingdom and The Life Processes of Plants

Chapter 15: The Invertebrates—Zoology Part I

Chapter 16: The Arthropods—Zoology Part II

Chapter 17: The Ectothermic Vertebrates—Zoology Part III

Chapter 18: The Endothermic Vertebrates—Zoology Part IV

Chapter 19: Ecology

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