Reading 3: Once Upon an Open Book / Not So Very Long Ago, 2nd. ed.

Reading 3, 2nd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)


About Reading 3, 2nd ed.

The student texts, Once upon an Open Book and Not So Very Long Ago, deepen reading skills and comprehension while reinforcing godly character.


If you are using Reading 3 Teacher’s Edition, 2nd ed., the enrichment vocabulary sentences for teaching words in context are now available on the web. These sentences can be printed for use with a reading group. See pages viii-ix of the Teacher’s Edition for further explanation on vocabulary development.

For your convenience, each lesson’s enrichment vocabulary sentences are on a separate page. The lessons are grouped by unit. You can either print all of the pages for the unit, or you can choose to print only the pages you plan to use. (Choose File | Print from your browser menu. In the Print Range section, choose the Pages From option, and type the page numbers you want to print. Page numbers are listed at the bottom left of your browser.)

Once Upon an Open Book

  • Making Melody (Lessons 1-25) PDF | Word
  • Special Deeds (Lessons 26-49) PDF | Word
  • Days to Remember (Lessons 50-75) PDF | Word

Not So Very Long Ago

  • Treasures (Lessons 76-99) PDF | Word
  • A New Land (Lessons 100-123) PDF | Word
  • Creatures Great and Small (Lessons 124-147) PDF | Word
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