Reading 1: Treasures to Keep, 3rd ed.

Reading 1, 3rd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)



The six student texts contain a variety of colorfully illustrated Bible stories, biographies, fiction, nonfiction articles, poems, and plays. Each selection is developed to incorporate phonics, English skills, word families, and service words. Stories about two Christian families provide good role models. Selections were carefully chosen or written to help students develop a Christian worldview.


If you are using Reading 1 Teacher's Edition, 3rd ed., the enrichment vocabulary sentences for teaching words in context are now available on the web. These sentences can be printed out for use with a reading group. See page xvi  of the Teacher's Edition for further explanation on vocabulary development.

For your convenience, each lesson's enrichment vocabulary sentences are on a separate page. The lessons are grouped by unit. You can either print all of the pages for the unit, or you can choose to print only the pages you plan to use. (Choose File | Print from your browser menu. In the Print Range section, choose the Pages From option, and type the page numbers you want to print. Page numbers are listed at the bottom left of your browser.)

  • Reader A - Colors Glowing (Lessons 1-29) PDF | Word
  • Reader B - Feathers, Fins, and Fur (Lessons 30-51) PDF | Word
  • Reader C - Helping Hands (Lessons 52-86) PDF | Word
  • Reader D - A Day to Remember (Lessons 87-116) PDF | Word
  • Reader E - Hear the Music (Lessons 117-39) PDF | Word
  • Reader F - Treasures to Keep (Lessons 140-58) PDF | Word


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