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Reading Rubrics

For those teachers who currently use our materials, we have created a packet of reading rubrics to facilitate the grading of reading. These rubrics will enable teachers to record information for an entire reading group on a single sheet. For many teachers, this will make grading much easier.


The books we choose for young people should possess two characteristics: literary excellence and high moral tone. A book that is poorly written, even though it teaches noble Christian precepts, may hinder a child’s love for the worthy literature he will encounter the future; on the other hand, a well-crafted book with a subtle undermining of biblical principles may quietly undermine a child’s faith. These books have been evaluated in light of the two characteristics mentioned above by Christians who care about books and children. In the end, however, each parent must be the final judge of the books his child reads.

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  • Best Books is an annotated bibliography of hundreds of books for recreational reading. It also includes a list of books suitable for analysis and discussion as well as guidelines for book evaluation. First published in 1994.
    Best Bookspdf document
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