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The Pathways Barnyard Characters

Barnabus: “Color of the Day”


Colors all around us,
Everywhere we go,
Colors we can point to,
Colors that we know!

Sunny Sheep: “What’s the Weather?”


Is the weather warm and sunny?
Is it rainy, cold, and gray?
Take a peek out through the window—
What's the weather like today?

Dilly Duck: “Calendar Rhyme”


Dilly Duck has come to say,
"Time to start another day!
What day is it? Let's find out!
That's what the calendar's all about!"

Clara Cow: “Shape Rhyme”


A(n) ____ is our shape today,
A super shape to be!
Can we find one in our room?
Look around and see!

Pinky Pig: “Letter Rhyme”


Time to visit Pinky Pig,
What's our letter for the day?
Look inside her feeding trough;
What does Pinky's ear of corn say?

Hattie Hen: “Number Rhyme”


Hattie Hen has laid an egg
With a number, just for fun;
Peek inside the nest to see—
What's the number on this one?

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